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Consultancy Services Sequence

First meeting: to understand what you want and what services we can offer.

Presentation: about Global Consultants team and projects already done.

Consultancy Agreement: preparation, discussion and agreement on scope of work, duration and payment schedule.

Pre feasibility or feasibility report: (includes ten years financials and basic layout of building).

Formation of a Company or a Trust: Consultancy in forming Public, Private Ltd company, Foundation or Trust.

Detailed Drawings: Architectural, structural, electrical, public health, IT drawings.

Financial Services: Loan Procurement or finance arrangements.

Equipment: Planning and procurement.

Construction Phase: Top or detailed supervision.

Accreditation: Application preparation and other documentation and inspection facilitation..

Human Resource: Identification, hiring and training facilitation.

Marketing: Strategy and implementation facilitation.

Operations: Facilitations in pre launch and during operations



Determination of Investor Objectives

What are investor’s objectives and what are the standards and technology level he desires, the basic parameters of project are determined, “putting dreams on paper.”

Selection of Location

If the land is available than suitability of land for the project is reviewed.
If the land is not procured than site selection study is conducted and best available site suggested.

Preparation of Feasibility Report

Technical and financial studies are conducted to prepare project feasibility report. It is aimed to provide investors with the data to make final decision on the project.

Formation of a Master Plan

A master plan is prepared that indicates the timeline and sequence of the project.


Design Criteria

The design criteria of the project is prepared that indicates the architectural requirements demonstrating sizes, numbers and relations of sites.

Functional Planning

Functional planning of the facility is done and the conformity of the project with the design criteria and schedule is checked.

Material Selections

The architectural, electrical and mechanical material type is suggested.

Detailed Drawing of Project

The detailed drawing including architectural, interior design, electrical, structural and public health drawings are prepared.

Budget Estimate and Quantity Surveys

Budget estimates and bill of quantities are prepared.

Preparation of Technical Specifications

Technical specifications are prepared for all work items.


Financial Consulting

The cost of construction is estimated. Negotiations and deals are made with finance providers.

Procurement Planning

Furnishing plans and procurement is determined, the architectural, electrical and mechanical material type selected.  Procurement Plan is prepared in accordance with the construction work schedule.

Preparation of Tender Documents

Bill of Quantities is prepared.  The unit price of each item is specified. The tender document (request for quotation) is prepared. The Tender advertisement is prepared.

Tender Management

The tender process is managed based on companies product, quality, price, after sale service and experience

Selection of Contractors and suppliers

A Preliminary Assessment Report is prepared based on the price, quality, time, labor, payment terms, machinery and equipment adequacy. The contractors and suppliers selection is facilitated.

Preparation of Contracts

Product / Service Procurement / Contracting Agreements are prepared keeping in view the warranty and the relevant laws and regulations.

4. Medical Equipment Services


Proper professional planning of medical equipment and its layout is prepared


Specifications of equipment required are determined based on market research.

Alternative options are identified.

A comparison chart is prepared based on the prices, payment methods, lead times etc

Tender Advertisement and documents are prepared.

Purchase contract is drawn up.

The contract management is done from placement of order to installation of equipment.


Preparation of Construction Management Plan

The organization chart displaying the organization of the construction site is drawn and duties, responsibilities and powers of the employees are identified.
Instructions and procedures to be pursued throughout the construction process are prepared. A chart is created to include records, correspondence, documents, responsibilities required to be kept in order to monitor time, cost and controls etc.
An Input Control Table is created to include the inspection and acceptance criteria of materials, used for construction, during the delivery to the construction site.
Timeline Management

The works to be done are listed and “Construction Work Schedule” is prepared. Progress is monitored regularly.  Progress processes and sub-contractor performance are followed potential delays are identified and necessary measures are taken to ensure timely completion of project.

Quality Control

Construction Control Plan is prepared to include construction checkpoints and those responsible for control, and supervision services.
The quality is checked for compliance with specifications carrying out tests, experiments, inspections and observations.

Contract Execution

It is ensured that the contract is executed in accordance with the terms of contracts made with contractors and suppliers. Any issue which is contrary to the contract is identified and warnings are given for the correction thereof. In case of conflict, related efforts are made to solve it amicably.

Completion and Commissioning

All of the construction is reviewed by the general and technical specifications. Deficiencies are determined and a list is generated.
Commissioning is performed by rendering the inspection once the deficiencies are rectified.


Facilitations in pre launch and during operations