Dr. Wajahat Bokhari

Chairman Global Consultants,

Dr Wajahat Bokhari graduated from Army Medical College in 1982 did his post graduation in Internal Medicine in 1986 served as a Medical Specialist/Physician for 10 years in different Hospitals in Pakistan and abroad.

He shifted to healthcare management in 1996 and served on various senior executive positions, his last job in Army was commanding Officer of CMH. He took early retirement from Army in 2000 and joined Fatima Memorial Hospital College of Medicine and Dentistry in its initial planning Phase, He played a key role in the establishment of this Medical and Dental College and its conversion into a teaching hospital, he served for a decade as Director Admin/Vice Principal of thisMedical and Dental College and as founding Director of FMH Institute of Allied Health Sciences. (2000 to 2010)

He has served as Consultant, and Chief of operations of Rashid Latif Medical College and Arif Memorial teaching hospital for 7 years. (from 2010 to 2017)

He is the founding chairman of Global consultants and has the honour of being the only Pakistani to have established 11 Medical Colleges, 4 Dental Colleges, 9 Hospitals,2 Nursing Colleges, Pharmacy College and two Institutes of Allied Health Sciences in Pakistan in last seventeen years. (Provided Consultancy from the beginning till completion of these projects Prepared Feasibilityand provided consultancy during their construction, equipment procurement, human resource/ faculty identification and hiring, fulfilling regulatory authorities requirements (PMDC, Healthcare commission, University affiliation etcand till they became fully operational).All of these mega projects were completed on time withinbudget. These Medical Colleges/Hospitals and other Institutes were inspected and approved by respective Councils/Commissions and were accredited and recognized nationally and internationally by relevant accreditation bodies.