We have more than 23 years’ experience of providing consultancy services during various stages of medical projects, we provide consultancy services for preparing feasibility reports and during various phases of projects eg the planning phase of the project, construction phase, furniture and equipment planning and installation, preparing for the inspections by the regulatory authorities, hiring of faculty and staff and operations of hospitals and medical colleges. We have established/provided consultancy to seventeen Medical Colleges, four Dental Colleges, fifteen Hospitals, three nursing colleges, two Institute of Allied Health Sciences and two Pharmacy Colleges. (Provided Consultancy from the beginning of these project till they became fully operational)

All of these projects were completed on time and within budget without compromising on the quality of the projects. Operations plans for these Medical Colleges, Dental Colleges and Hospitals were also prepared. Consultancy and expert services were also provided for the equipment specifications, equipment procurement, Faculty and other staff identification and hiring of the staff.